Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Can Strengthening Relations with NATO Encourage Democracy in Turkey

This paper suggests that strengthening relations with NATO can help prevent Turkey from severing its increasingly tenuous...

Thinking Turkey wishfully

A perceptible excitation to see Turkey’s strongman Erdogan leave office is gathering pace among Western as well...

EU-Turkey Relations in 2021

The EU decision-making bodies have removed from their political perspectives the Turkish accession to the European Club as well as any meaningful ad hoc co-operation with the exception of refugee gatekeeping.

Turkey’s Latest Crackdown Spells Dangerous New Normal for Human Rights Defenders

On March 20, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to withdraw Turkey from the Istanbul Convention by presidential decree was received as “devastating news” by the Council of Europe and rights groups worldwide.

Institutional Breakdown, the Mongol Invasion and the Ottoman Civil War

It appears there will be no limit to the forestland that will be open for development in Turkey. One begins to wonder if there is a new Mongol invasion taking place in Asia Minor.

Turkey Facts for Terrified Western Non-Decision Makers

Enrollment in medical school increased by a record 18 percent in 2021-22, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported.