Wednesday, May 22, 2024


A Review of Cengiz Aktar’s “The Turkish Malaise”

With 20 straight years of the AK Party regime, especially since the 2011 elections when it received...

It Is High Time for Turkey to Bury the S-400s

Ukraine represents a serious wake-up call for Ankara to recognize the importance of reaffirming its strong place...

Single Goal of Erdogan’s Foreign Policy: Staying in Power at the Expense of Turkey’s National Interests

This paper claims that Erdoğan’s ongoing quest for strategic autonomy has been motivated by his neo-Ottoman-inspired identity...

Turkey in the Midst of Superpower Weapons Drama

Anton Chekhov said, “If there is a gun hanging on the wall in the first act, it...

Institutional Breakdown, the Mongol Invasion and the Ottoman Civil War

It appears there will be no limit to the forestland that will be open for development in Turkey. One begins to wonder if there is a new Mongol invasion taking place in Asia Minor.

Turkey Facts for Terrified Western Non-Decision Makers

Enrollment in medical school increased by a record 18 percent in 2021-22, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported.

Erdoğan and the Hagia Sophia: Nostalgia for the Ottoman Empire

University of Alabama sorority Alpha Phi expelled its president after racist comments in a private group message surfaced online.