Wednesday, May 22, 2024

About Us

MAPLE Institute is an independent, non-profit, non-government, constructive, and progressive, Washington DC-based research and strategy policy organization focusing on Turkey's agenda and aiming to be a bridge that will bring democracy to Turkey.

The priorities of MAPLE are on issues of democracy and human rights, foreign policy, defense and security, and the economy of Turkey.

Our purpose is to contribute to Turkey's adventure of democracy and carry out academic works to construct, institutionalize, and establish full democracy as the most critical value in Turkey.

A democracy built on solid scientific ground will stand unscathed against the attacks and corruption moves and will continue to give people peace and prosperity. Therefore, MAPLE tries to establish this solid scientific ground with its works. MAPLE works to map the future of democracy in Turkey with all its activities.

Initially, democracy is the core of our values and, finally, the most important harvest of our mission. Our values are the crops that are grown in the garden of democracy.

Publication Policy

MAPLE publishes research, analyzes, policy papers, commentaries, reports, and surveys that release by the hands of academics and researchers. We interview experts as well. MAPLE also organizes meetings, round table discussions, conferences on Turkey-related topics. We publish reports on various issues as well.

While we are making those, intellectual independence is the core of our policy. Nevertheless, intellectual diversities, differences, and depth are the source of MAPLE These sources reveal truths and facts.

The various forms of discrimination, racism, otherization, defamation, inciting violence, and targeting someone are strictly restricted.

MAPLE commits to collaborating with distinguished academics, experts, policymakers, and other related scientists to make full democracy in Turkey.